Are you a Julia?

Quick body-shape analysis.  Short 5'0".  Bust (C/D-cup).   Hourglass.    Flat derriere.

Julia's Take 5!  MGMs:         30" waist, 40" hips, 10.5" crotch depth, 20.5 knee height, and 37.5" out-seam length.

Well-fitting pants might be a challenge, even though there is only a 10-inch difference between her waist and her "hips".  But that difference is almost immediately below the waist.  And the large bosom could lead to armscye gaposis if armscye is not shaped correctly.  In fact, Julia's flat patterns for waist-fitted styles will look totally wrong!  But they will fit comfortably--to her liking.

Julia's Blouse. OTB # 413.                                                   Julia's Styled Pants                                   Pleated fronts.  5min/5step Fly Zipper

Action-Aire sleeves.  Turn Cartwheels.                               OTB # 413                                                3-Step Slash Pockets.  Tailored Slide-2-Fit

Your sleeves allow unbelievable                                                                                                            waistband for all-day comfort. 

comfort.  Think Outside the Box.

Note: All full-scale printables require a 24-inch, or wider, printer/plotter.