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MySizePatterns. For real people--for their shapes and preferences.  Over 6 decades of custom sewing have proven that it's how the garment looks, fits and feels on the person who wears the garment that counts.  And that the best fitting expert is none other than you--the consumer.

My Closet contains departments.  For example, Julia's Closet has MySizePatterns--some printable*--for Julia, our hourglass "model".  Likewise, Rachel's Closet has MySizePatterns for a petite, but decidedly pear-shaped/thigh, "model". 

My hope is that you will be able to see yourself in one of our models.  Maybe the shape, the proportions, the size, etc., of one of our

models might spark an "Oh, she's built like I am!"  And you will be able to view some finished garments worn by your look-alike!

*MySizePatterns require 24-inch wide-format printer/plotter.         

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